Principal Message

Rachel Alberts


my name is Rachel Alberts. I'm very excited to be your child's new principal and your partner in their education. 

About Me

During the past 23 years, I've had the opportunity to teach multiple grades, mentor new teachers, work as an instructional coach for the past seven years as an administrator. I love being a principal. Working with children is rewarding, energizing and helps me remember to find joy in the small things. I have two sons and have the opportunity to be their principal. In my spare time, I enjoy backpacking and traveling with them. We have a sweet dog names Lola. I play guitar in a band with other district administrators, but when it comes to audiences, I prefer the most forgiving kind - kids. 

Our New Adventure

I'm looking forward to starting this new adventure with your and your children. Opening a school provides a unique opportunity for unity as we create something new together. I'm excited that our students will have the added advantage of attending a model school. There will be more trained professionals to serve your children. There will be an on-site university classroom. Aspiring teachers will have the opportunity to visit classrooms and observe best teaching practices in action. This means we hire master teachers who are dedicated to creating an optimal learning environment, first for our students and second for aspiring teachers. 

I recognize that change and saying goodbye to former school communities creates some anxiety. Please be assured that I'm committed to providing students with an exceptional learning and social/emotional experience. Because students spend a significant amount of time at school and school climate impacts their academic success, it's critical that school is a happy and safe place for them.

Working Together on Behalf of Our Students

One of my favorite things about being a principal is the opportunity to be part of a dedicated team of teachers, staff and parents who are united in purpose - the academic, social and emotional well-being of student. I'm looking forward to the opportunity of have an additional group of people as part of our team, university professors, who will be housed at our school. Together we can help each student reach their full potential. 

I welcome parent input and firmly believe that students are best served through the collective expertise and involvement of parents, teachers and administration. I encourage you to come to me and/or your child's teacher with concerns, questions and input. Bringing concerns and questions directly to the source of your student's education helps alleviate stress for you and your student. Because your child's success is of utmost importance to me, I'm always happy to make time to meet with you. 

I really look forward to getting to know you and your children. 

Rachel Alberts