Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Our goal at Sunburst is to keep our students safe by following these guidelines together. Thank you for your help as we set up the safety protocols. 

Drop Off and Pick Up Protocol

To drop off and pick up students from Sunburst Elementary please enter the east parking lot from Sunburst Drive in a single file line. The inner lane will be blocked off in order to keep our students safe. Please pull forward as far as you can until you are directed to stop. Once you have fully stopped have your children exit the vehicle as quickly as possible on the sidewalk side. Once you have passed the raised sidewalk you may split into two lanes to exit the drop-off/ pick- up loop. Please be aware of students crossing on the sidewalk as you exit. Left lane will turn left and the right lane will go straight or turn right if needed.

  • Please do not drop students off at school any earlier than 8:30 AM (the only exception is for students who arrive at 8:15 for school breakfast, these students may enter through the front door of the school, with a mask on) 
  • To make this as quick as possible, please follow these guidelines:
    • Do not stop and get out of your car.
    • Never park or leave your car unattended as this is a moving lane.
    • Be sure your children are ready to exit your car before entering the loop.

We ask that no one uses either parking lot to drop off or pick up students. We will not allow anyone to cut through the drop off/ pick up lanes to get to the parking lot. If you need to come into the building with your children, please park, walk safely through the parking lot, and cross with them on the raised sidewalk which serves as a crosswalk.

Please never encourage or allow your children to cross Sunburst Drive to get to your car or to the school from the other side of the street unless they are using the designated crosswalk. Even if you are with them, please refrain from cutting across the road or parking lot during drop-off and pick-up times. Other students may be watching and try to follow.

Masks and Line Up Protocol

  • When students enter school grounds, they must wear a mask  
  • Students are to walk directly to their designated line-up location (see second attachment for map) 
  • To support the need for physical distancing, we respectfully ask that parents do not accompany their student into the school to drop-off 
  • In line, students are to keep their masks on and stand arm length away from the next person in line 
  • As students exit the building at the end of the day, they will exit with masks on, which must remain on until they are off school property 
  • Students are not to linger, but go directly to their pick-up location (meeting places for students who walk to school together are fine, but they need to have a meeting place that allows for distancing from others and must start walking as soon as their group is together) 

We will have increased supervision around the school during morning drop off and afternoon pick up to ensure that all students and parents are We greatly appreciate your cooperation and patience as we do everything we can to provide a healthy environment for our students.